…with Sarah Blackwood ( Dubstar  /  Client )

…with Sarah Blackwood (Dubstar / Client)

Electro with a Rock ‘n’ Roll heart 

Radio Wolf aka Oliver Blair is a Canadian/British musician, songwriter and record producer, who’s sound is a retrofuturistic hybrid of electro & rock ‘n’ roll.

His 2017 debut EP “Rock ‘N’ Roll Forever” features guest vocalists; Marika Gauci (Hotel Motel), Sarah Blackwood (Dubstar / Client), Kelli Ali (Sneaker Pimps) and Holly Dodson (Parallels).

Oliver started, age 19, in London UK, as the guitar wielding electro-rocker Kindle. His dark, atmospheric sound was hailed by music press as “…the soundtrack to the best John Carpenter movie never made!” (Fonteyn / M8 Magazine).

In 2009, he created the EDM track for ‘Tecktonik’ dance video: “La Belle Electro” for arts & culture website BT Black. The video won a “Fresh Digital” award and garnered over 5.5 million views on YouTube.

Through the years, Oliver has toured worldwide and collaborated with various artists including Sohodolls, Hotel Motel, Client and Kelli Ali, while remixing songs for Ladytron, Robots In Disguise, Alex, Mecha Maiko and Futurecop! His remix for Miss Derringer’s “Black Tears” was released as it’s own single, while being featured in the promo for US Television series “How I Met Your Mother”.

After developing Radio Wolf in 2016, Oliver relocated to Canada and teamed up with Toronto synth-pop group Parallels. Together, they have performed at various international ‘synthwave’ events including VHS Visions, Outland and Turbo Drive. Included in their live set, is “Runaway Girl” - a song Oliver wrote and produced specifically for Parallels singer Holly Dodson.

In 2018, Radio Wolf & Parallels wrote, performed and produced original songs for the upcoming US indie sci-fi film, “Proximity”. The film was directed by Emmy Award winning Animator Eric Demeusy (Stranger Things, Game Of Thrones, Tron: Legacy).