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Electro with a Rock ‘n’ Roll heart 

Radio Wolf aka Oliver Blair is a songwriter, musician and producer whose projects are masterminded from start to finish, auteur style. 

He delivers a retrofuturistic sonic experience that uniquely fuses rock ’n’ roll with electronica. His driving rock guitar licks, augmented with emotionally soaring, atmospheric synth rises, create a fresh listening experience. 

He started his career at age 19 while living in London, UK, touring, remixing and collaborating under the music alias ‘Kindle’ with cult UK acts including Ladytron, Sohodolls, Client, Hotel Motel and Kelli Ali. 

Radio Wolf debuted in 2018 with “Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever”, an EP of 4 original songs. Collaborating with vocalists Marika Gauci (Hotel Motel), Sarah Blackwood (Client), Kelli Ali (ex Sneaker Pimps) and Holly Dodson (Parallels), he produced an album of sonic coherence despite the different vocal style of each singer. 

He has since gained a reputation and network of fans in the growing international synthwave movement via social media and websites/blogs devoted to the genre. A recent tour of electro clubs in Stockholm, Paris and London UK, with Toronto synthpop group, Parallels, saw them perform ‘Runaway Girl’ - a song Radio Wolf wrote and produced for his debut EP, featuring Parallels’ Holly Dodson on vocals. 

He is currently collaborating with various vocalists on a full-length album, aimed at pumping new life blood into electronic music via an infusion of ‘jukebox worthy’ songcraft and rock ’n’ roll spirit.