- BIO -

Electro with a Rock ‘n’ Roll heart 

Radio Wolf aka Oliver Blair is a Canadian/British songwriter, musician and producer whose projects are masterminded from start to finish, auteur style. 

He delivers a fresh, retrofuturistic sonic experience that uniquely fuses rock ’n’ roll with electronica. His driving guitar licks, augmented with emotionally soaring, atmospheric synth rises, pump fresh life blood into electronic music via an infusion of ‘jukebox worthy’ songcraft and rock ’n’ roll spirit. 

He started, age 19 (as the artist Kindle), while living in London UK, remixing and collaborating with cult acts including Ladytron, Client, Kelli Ali, Sohodolls and Hotel Motel . 

He gained performance experience playing in various London electro venues as well as touring in Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow, Istanbul and Austin, Texas. 

He relocated to his homeland, Canada, to launch his latest project: Radio Wolf, debuting with Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever, an EP of four original songs. Collaborating with four distinctive cult female vocalists, he produced an album of sonic coherence despite the different vocal style of each singer. It received great reviews in various music blogsites devoted to the Electro and Indie Rock genres. 

A recent tour of electro clubs in Stockholm, Paris and London UK, with Toronto synth-pop group Parallels, saw them perform Runaway Girl — a song he wrote, performed and produced for his debut EP, featuring Parallels’ Holly Dodson on vocals. 

He has teamed up with Holly again to co-write, perform and produce seven new songs to feature in the soon to be released US indie sci-fi film, Proximity. 

He is also currently crafting a series of new ‘singles’ inspired by ‘the electric ghost rockers’ of 50s rock ’n’ roll.