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“Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever”

(ft. Sarah Blackwood) 

“...there’s no going wrong here...rock, pop and even electronica creating one unique and refreshing sound that is both retro and modern...So listen, enjoy and say hello to your new favourite obsession.” 

Wolf In A Suit (Full Article

“...infusing the steady driving synths and bursts of soullful guitar riffs with a real sense that rock ‘n’ roll is indeed forever.” 

Mark Buckley / Analogue Trash (Full Article

“...a perfect mix of bright pop energy and sparkling vocals.” 

Tiana Feng / Ride The Tempo (Full Article)

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“Song on the Radio”

(ft. Marika Gauci) 

“...the buzzing synths, the groovy percussion and the clean guitar lines...for nearly four minutes you become completely lost in this number...” 

Ben Yung / The Revue (Full Article)

“...a fabulous electro rock song, the music is absolutely splendid and the vocals provide distinction and emotion.” 

Beehive Candy (Full Article)  

“...an ethos somewhere between that of a John Hughes or David Lynch soundtrack...a pulsating anthem that harkens back to the simpler times when radio was the be-all end-all of music consumption.” 

Dope Cause We Said (Full Article) 

“...when we heard ‘Song on the Radio’ we felt a certain je ne sais quoi and knew we had to experience the rest of the EP. It would be misguided to say that we simply fell in love with it... it just had that feel to it.”  Sound Chips (Full Interview)